Case Study: Gillian Johnston Financial

gj-logoBeing the number two Manulife sales agent in the country, Gill Johnston decided it was time for here to look the part. She had established a reputation for exceptional service and those that knew her would recommend her to others. The problem was that for those who did not know Gill, she appeared no different than any other insurance agent.GJ-brochure

She asked us to develop a unique brand identity that would help her stand out from other agents and insurance providers while maintaining industry compliance.

After extensive interviews with Gill and her team, we were able to understand her unique strengths, advantages and target markets.

GJ-announcementFrom there we created a new logo, corporate design standards and print materials. We also created specialty materials such as announcements and portfolio folders.

We then designed ads for specific campaigns in educational and trade publications.

The feedback was more positive than anyone had expected. Within a few months, there was a measurable increase in new business as the result of the marketing materials and ad campaigns.

When Gill’s agency merged with DOT Financial, we were brought in to further help her reach new markets.

Gill marketed heavily to new dental and medical grads. However the complexity of the insurance products made the buying decision difficult. She asked us to create materials that focused on the key elements of the products in a way that was easy to understand.

GJ-dental-brochureGJ-adAfter many hours spent learning about the various insurance products offered, we created materials that focused on the benefits rather than the features and presented it is an easy to understand format. The result was a measurable increase in inquiries and sales from new grads.

Case Study: Gillian Johnston Financial