Case Study: Dental Brands For Less

dbfl-cataloguesWhen Moti Betesh immigrated to Canada from Israel, he decided to start the same business he had back home – selling dental supplies. The problem was that, although he had suppliers, he had no customers. He was also entering a heavily saturated market place dominated by larger and more established distributors.

Moti chose to call his new company Dental Brands For Less. With nothing more than a name, a mailing list and a basement full of products, he approached Fourword with the request to help him get established – fast.

While every other dental distributor chose to put product photos on the cover of their catalogues and flyers, we decided to go in a different direction. First, we discovered that customers preferred to order over the phone instead of online. Second, price was only one of many factors – incentives and gifts were heavy influencers. And third, the purchase was almost always done by a female staff member.

dbfl-packagingBased on this information, we created a quarterly catalogue that featured a female dental professional the cover holding some of the products that customers could get for free with their purchase. A significant portion of the catalogue was dedicated to showing the products that customers could receive with their order.

The catalogues were bright, attractive, easy to read, and loaded with the coolest items such as smart phones, TVs and computers.

Within the first six months, Dental Brands For Less turned a profit.

dbfl-websiteThe company that started in 2005 from a folding bridge table in the basement is now located in a 3,000 square foot industrial facility with a second office in Miami. And while there is still no web site for Dental Brands, Fourword did create a full ecommerce site for the Miami office.

Case Study: Dental Brands For Less