Strategic Marketing

Even the most progressive, forward thinking organizations can hit a creative plateau. This leads to complacency and losing the competitive edge. In many cases, an outside set of eyes and ears can bring a fresh perspective to common problems.

Marc is a catalyst for unleashing new ideas. By understanding how a management team sees itself versus how others see them, Marc can introduce new concepts and ideas that can deliver measurable, positive change.

Brainstorming sessions, competitive analysis, employee interviews and comparing parallel industries are just a few of the processes Marc uses to help bring focus and results to marketing programs.

Project Specific Consulting

Companies are not suited for undertaking big marketing campaigns. If they were, they would be marketing agencies. Even those that have internal “marketing people” are often overwhelmed with tasks and the demand for time.

Marc has become the go-to guy for small to medium companies in need of short term creative management. His practical experience with web, print, public relations and promotions allows him to be an effective liaison between trades. And his approachable, open door management style makes him a strong team leader, even within established management teams.

Project Specific Support

Is your company undertaking a new campaign or resource heavy marketing project? Sometimes internal resources can’t support the number of tasks needed to meet tight deadlines. Marc and his team at Fourword are experts at filling in the gaps. We are able to work alongside other designers and strategy teams to whatever capacity is needed. Fourword prides itself on applying industry standard design practices across all media.

We can spearhead a specific job, a project or an entire campaign. Then passing key tasks back to in-house teams when they’re ready.

Are you ready?

To arrange for a no obligation phone interview to assess your needs and learn how Marc can help your organization, call (416) 238-7811 or use our contact form.

Marc’s skills and insights into the world of marketing are nothing short of amazing. He is one of those rare people that are able to combine talent and experience in ways that deliver measurable results. He is a marketing superstar. Get in touch with this guy. Get him in your company.

Rick Moss, President and Founder

Marc delivered ideas and perspectives in ways that enlightened us and changed our views on how our clients see us. His practical advice gave us direction and focus. If you need a fresh insight into how your company presents itself to your clients, I strongly suggest you contact Marc.

Mark G. Klinkow, Vice President & Portfolio Manager Foyston, Gordon & Payne Inc.

Marc did a great job of helping us refocus our marketing strategy. By asking the right questions, he helped us understand our “story” and use it as a foundation for creating a message that effectively conveyed our strengths. We believe any company from any industry can benefit from having Marc share his ideas and knowledge.

Glenda Baker, Senior Financial Planning Adviser
Durham Financial