Keynote Presentations

With over 25 years experience in the fields of sales, marketing and entrepreneurship, Marc delivers real world experience and knowledge. His humour, informal style, and story telling skills allow his audience to learn while being entertained and empowered.

Marc’s presentations are tailored to each audience and industry, making them relevant and applicable. In many cases he will interview both the planner and company management to ensure the presentation complements the event and company culture.

How to become a branding champion

If you were placed alongside your competitors, would your marketing define you as being better, worse, or just like the rest?

This is a question that successful companies ask themselves all the time. And they continually develop and revise their marketing campaigns to keep themselves in the hearts and minds of their customers. Are you?

Some of the key points covered:

  • How to stand out in a cluttered market place
  • Recognizing your competitors flaws
  • Recognizing your own strengths and flaws
  • Who really gets to decide what your brand says
  • How to develop a story that gets people interested in you
  • When to stop trying to reach your target market
  • Turning customers into sales people
  • Why continuity is key
  • Understanding how social media can make or break you
  • Knowing when to change your marketing plan
  • Understanding the limitations of great marketing
  • Creating an organization of believers


how to stop looking stupid on social media
Did you know that the majority of social media efforts fail with only a 10% success rate?
Did you also know that 84% of companies are not measuring the ROI of their social media initiatives
Even worse, of those that use social media, over 70 percent of their social media initiatives will fail.

Companies are spending huge amounts of time, money and resources on social media trying to “engage” their customers – all under the guise of being social. But companies aren’t social. They’re in business to sell stuff.

What if you could learn a simple set of guidelines to stop looking stupid on social media and to connect meaningfully with your ideal target customers while maximize your transactions?

Be prepared for an hour of insightful observations, loads of laughs and plenty of examples of how companies have ruined relationships and reputations with their social media campaigns. Marc will share his ideas and introduce some realistic strategies using real life companies as examples of what works – and what doesn’t.

Some key points covered in this presentation:

  • The real reason people follow and like companies
  • When the buying decision is made and why you can’t influence it
  • Why you can’t believe any social media study on buying habits
  • Proactive versus reactive social media campaigns
  • Photos, blogs and tweets – what’s best for your company


stories and lessons from a relunctant entrepreneur

Let Marc take your audience on an outrageous, humorous and heartfelt journey of personal growth, failure and success. From starting his first “business” at the age of 12 as a way to combat bullying, then having his own line of athletic wear, selling lingerie to hookers in order to pay off a debt, all the way to building a million dollar company that blazed new trails in the Canadian auto industry – and almost killed him in the process.

For business owners who think they’ve hit hard times, are facing overwhelming challenges or just need to know they’re not the only ones who experience failure, this presentation will motivate, inspire and educate.

Some of the key points covered:

  • Recognizing opportunities when they present themselves instead of seeking them out
  • How to turn your passion into a business
  • Knowing the cost of trust
  • Understanding the difference between how others see you and how you want to be seen
  • Realizing quitting and giving up are not the same
  • Overcoming the fear of success
  • Deciding if you can accept the worst case scenario
  • The price of success vs. the cost of failure
  • Discovering what’s truly important in business and in life


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* August 2009 survey by Mzinga and Babson Executive Education
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Marc is an energetic, artistic, straight-forward and passionate speaker. He was engaging with the audience and made people feel like they were a part of the story. He added some great humour into his talk which kept the audience’s attention and made us really attentive while he spoke. His message was clear and he delivered what he said he would. He was a great close out speaker to our event.

Colleen Lindberg, Owner
CLC Consulting