Lets face it, most small businesses have lousy marketing. It’s boring, unimaginative, lacks continuity and rarely gets results. But blame cannot be placed solely on the business owner. After all, what do they know about marketing?

When I started Fourword in 2004, it was after almost 20 years of running my own business in a number of different industries. And over those years I discovered two important things. First, that nothing mattered if the marketing was lousy. No matter how great the quality, price or service, if no one knew about you then there was no point in even turning on the lights each morning. Second, that I was really good at marketing. I built my last company into the largest in its industry just through marketing. Good thing, because between you and me, I didn’t really know that much about the products.

I created Fourword because I believe that business owners appreciate and value marketing that separates them from the competition. They want something new, unique, dynamic and delivers measurable results. And most of all, they want it done within budget.

For the last 10 years Fourword has been the marketing agency of choice for companies from a wide range of industries. Projects have included trade shows, online campaigns, print materials, rebranding – and everything combined.

If you find yourself looking at your marketing campaigns, your web site, print materials and shaking your head wondering how this all turned into such an unfocused mess, don’t despair.

I believe your business deserves better. And I can say this because I’m also a business owner. So I invite you to explore this site, see some of the great work we’ve done for companies just like yours, then give me a call.

I welcome the opportunity to learn more about you and your company and share some advice.

All the best,
Marc Gordon